Saturday, May 31, 2003

Yesterday was my dad's birthday so we took him out to dinner at Mike's American Grill, under the advice of my brother. The place was really nice and they had really good Baby back ribs, mmmmmm. I had a Guinness for the first time in months, it seemed weird that my mom bought it for me. I made her take a sip, though. Her facial expression was priceless.

My brother and I ended up getting my dad one of those Gazelle exercise machines. That thing is scary, seriously! I felt like I was going to fall off of it all the time and then when you get off, you have no sense of balance anymore.

Earlier in the day, my mom was trimming my dad's eyebrows when I heard this "Oh, Lord!" Needless to say, my dad doesn't have much in terms of eyebrows anymore. And people wonder why I don't let my mom cut my hair. On the way to dinner, my mom was talking about how amazing God is because of eyebrows. She was saying that no one else would think of those things, and if we didn't have them, we would all look weird. She also talked about how, without our ears and noses, we wouldn't be able to wear eyeglasses. My mom is goofy.

Anyway, my interview went well. I easily passed the basic office skills and data entry tests. They've pretty much offered me the job, I just need to pass the security clearance. They gave me this 50 page packet to fill out, it's been loads of fun, let me tell you.

Well, that's all for now.

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