Monday, June 09, 2003

Last night was Mike's Bachelor party. It wasn't the rambunctious debauchery of a party that has become synonymous with most bachelor parties. Our stripper was quite polite and well behaved. Nah, actually it wasn't like that at all. It was just a group of friends hanging out and having a good time. Stogies were smoked, beer was consumed, and laughter was had. The only problem was the apparent black hole in the phone lines between his place and mine. The plan was to go paintballing during the day, but my knee is kinda' whack, so I opted out. So, they said they'd call me when they got back (which was to be around 5-6'ish). After not hearing from them, I gave them a call and left a message to call me back when they got in. I didn't hear anything for about 2 hours and eventually I passed out on my bed. I finally got the call around 9:30 that night and apparently they had been trying to reach me the entire time, but couldn't get through. My mom did kind of upset me though, telling me that I should've kept the phone out in the garage (apparently that would've allowed the call to go through). Anyway, in the end, good times were had.

Well, now I have a dilemma. I had made plans to go to Cleveland on the 28th of June to go to the Feeling Better than Everfine Festival, but Mike's wedding is on that day. I know I should go to the wedding, but I had been looking forward to this festival for a long time. It's just frustrating...

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