Monday, June 09, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates (for the 3 people who read this), but a lot went down last week. I ended up working a temporary job for the week, which wasn't too bad, considering that I only slept for 2-3 hours per night that week. I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't fall asleep at night, even though I didn't nap. The first day, I was so tired, I started to hallucinate near the end of the day, it was kinda' freaky.

Thursday night, I went and saw VACO. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I ended up just going by myself. I got stuck between two of the strangest dancers ever. You know how people dance to Phish? Well, take those and cross them with yuppie white boys with no sense of rhythm and you have these two winners. I'm sure they'll be terrorizing wedding reception dance floors when they get older. Anyway, VACO put on a really good show, considering 2/3 of the people didn't know who they were and they still stuck around. There were some new arrangements and it was nice to see Paul dust off the roto-toms again. I hadn't seen them make an appearance in about 2 years.

After the show, I was supposed to meet up with someone and give them a CD. I thought about just mailing it to her, since the car was a little ways from the venue, but I decided to go ahead and grab get it for her. I wanted to talk to Paul for a bit about some stuff and since he wasn't around, I figured I could run and get the CD and come back. I get to the garage the car is parked in and notice all the doors are locked. I start panicking, thinking that they had closed the garage for the night (it was a little after midnight). I started wondering how i was going to get home and how my mom was going to get to work in the morning, etc. I'm running around the building trying to get in, pushing the intercom buttons, all to no avail. Finally I find one and a lady answers and says that the door is open. I take the elevator up, relieved for the time being. I ask the guy at the gate when the close, and he says that I basically have 15 minutes to get my car out of there, before it's locked up for the evening. I pay the $9 fee and go off, looking for a place to temporarily park. After finding no such place, I go ahead and park in another garage that is open until 3am. I grab the CD give it to the girl and somehow, I end up getting ushered into this door. It turns out that it's the 'backstage' area and I end up hanging out with the band some of the other street teamers for a little while. This, after I told myself that I'd leave right after the show, since I had to be up at 6am the next morning for work. Oh well, all in all it was a good time. It's kinda' nice for a bunch of guys that you really respect notice when you haven't been around and such. And also for teasing me and having fun at my expense, but that's a different story.

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