Sunday, June 15, 2003

Well, the power was out for 24 hours or so and it's amazing how much we depend on electricity these days. I couldn't shower yesterday because there are no windows to let in natural light in our bathroom. Couldn't cook since there is no power to power the oven or the microwave. Our cordless phones wouldn't work, so we had to dig up our old ones.

Anyway, the power went out at 4 pm yesterday, so we decided to go out for dinner as a family (which made father's day shopping difficult). We hit Panera and then afterwards went to the mall to kill time. My brother and I scoured for a father's day gift, but there is nothing in that place worth buying. We met up with my brother's girlfriend and hit up Best Buy, but everything in there, my dad has already bought (why do people do things before anyone else can?). So in the end we returned to the house empty handed, only to find out that the electricity still hadn't been turned on. My dad called up the power company and informed us that it would be restored by 6am. Although I felt that it was kinda' lame to take so long (it was only our block that was out) I laid in bed, 'cause there was nothing better to do. I contemplate calling someone out of shear boredness, but I realize all of my phone numbers are on my computer, so I ended up just sleeping off and on from 9:30 to 10:00 in the morning. I noticed the power still hadn't been turned on by this time and I was supposed to meet some people for lunch...unfortunately they e-mailed me the plans, and I couldn't get to them. So I figured I could take the DVD's I had rented back to Blockbuster (and explain that I couldn't return one cause it is stuck in the DVD player and there is no power) and then hit the library to check my mail. Unfortunately, the library didn't open till noon, so I go home call random people, hoping to get phone numbers for the people I need to meet up with, but no one is home or they have their cell phones turned off. By this time, it's noon, so I run back to the library read the e-mail saying that we are meeting at 12:30, get the phone number and head back to my house. I call the number only to get Amy's mom, so I get Amy's cell phone number from her. I call up Amy and tell her I'm on my way. I grab a quick shower in my parent's bathroom (they have a window) and I'm off to meet them. In the end, I was about 40 minutes late. Then we were supposed to go play mini golf or see Finding Nemo, but we ended up not having enough time, because I was late and they screwed up an order. Oh well.

That was a truly long and boring story. I'm sorry.