Thursday, June 19, 2003

You know when you have the flu and your body is just sore all over? That's how I feel right now. Also, I'm stuffed up so much that when I breathe, it feels like I'm sucking in my ear drums. I'm also drinking Diet Coke, so I'm definitely not a happy camper right now.

Virginia Coalition had a performance at the XM Radio staion today and I was supposed to go. And well, I actually did go to it...I just never arrived. I got the directions from mapquest and figured this would be pretty easy. Unfortunately, when I got into DC, I took Route 1 into the city, instead of staying on 395. I guess it's because I always take Route 1 (14th street) in, plus I knew I had to get on New York Ave. and I knew it interesected with 14th St. I get on NY and head in the right direction. Unfortunately with the construction and the slight rights and lefts, I end up on Massachusetts Ave and some other streets. I still haven't figured out how I turned off of New York Ave. Eventually I go in this big circle, spot a sign for Rt. 50 (which was also New York Avenue) and head for that. By this time, I'm already 15 minutes late. I'm also cussing up a storm in my car, I seriously haven't ever cussed like this. It was a scene straight out of office space with the punching of the steering wheel and everything. Anyway, I get back on New York Ave. and take a right (thinking I'm back on track) and in 5 minutes I discover I'm in Maryland. More cussing ensues. I say screw it, find the next Metro station and pull in and decide to Metro it in from there. Now I'm half an hour late to a show that is only an hour long.

I hop on the Metro and take it back into the city. I finally get off on the Metro station that I think is nearest to the place I'm going. I check a map of the city and realize that it's no where near close enough to just walk it. I finally give up and decide to just cut my losses and head back. So after some wasted money for fare and about 45 minutes on the metro, I'm back at my car (which I actually parked in a no parking zone 'cause the signs made no sense, but luckily I didn't get a ticket). I start going back home and decide to try and hit XM just one last time, see if I can catch the guys and say hi. If I manage that, then it wouldn't be a totally wasted trip. I get back on New York Avenue and find out that if I had made a left (instead of a right when I got back on it) I was literally 2 minutes from the building. I pull around and park and I see some people loading up a van, but wasn't sure if it was them or not. I go back around to the front of the building, notice a car with a "Virginia Coalition" bumper sticker on it, so I figure they must still be there. I go in and the guard tells me that they are packing up. I figure it was them around back. I go back to my car and at that time, Jarrett and Steve are walking to their car in the parking lot, so I call out to him and he meets me at the gate (the XM lot was fenced in). I ended talking to Steve and Jarrett for a while about random stuff. Steve gave me his Visitor's pass so I could maybe sneak in and take a tour of the place. I say goodbye and tell them I'll see them at the 9:30 Club and head home. So, I guess I salvaged some of the evening.

Now I have an XM Radio Vistor's pass with "Steve Dawson" on it. I wonder if i'll be worth anything in the future. Maybe I can eBay it at some point.

haha...not likely.

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