Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy 4th of July everyone. Nothing brings in Independence Day like having some cracked out dreams. I had a few of them last night. The first one wasn't so strange, except for the fact that I saw a friend of mine on ESPN2 playing in a golf championship. It's not that off the wall, because she's a really good golfer. I didn't really notice until I saw the scoreboard and it showed "Nicole F_____" behind by one stroke. I don't really remember much of the dream because it was the first one. I just remember talking to her online while I was watching it (it was pre-recorded). I was proud of her, though.

The second one I remember a little more clearly. It involved Kristin Diable who was playing in my area for the first time and was opening up for some band. Since she didn't really know anyone, she didn't want to be at the club by herself, so Jamie asked me if I would go with her. Jamie was there, but for some reason couldn't go to the actual show. I, of course, said that I'd hang around and support her during her set. So the four of us (Kristin, Jamie, myself and some person I can't remember) drove off to go get Kristin's car. We parked the car and Jamie and other person go get in another car, but for some reason leave the keys for this car with us. We debated about taking that car or her car to the gig. Kristin hands me the keys to the car and says I can drive, but I decline saying that I don't know the person who owns the car very well.

At this point, we are running kind of late so we're trying to make up some time driving there. On the way, Kristin is excited because she is playing for a new crowd and she thinks that she'll get to play an hour set before the headlining act. We're driving down the this really dark country road and we notice that it's getting hard to see what's coming. Kristin is squinting trying to see the road. At this time, I reach over and flick on her headlights so she can see the road. Kristin becomes embarassed and tries to laugh it off.

We arrive at the place and notice that it's kind of like a community center. There's a big common area to just hang around and then there are small rooms that kind of branch off from it. One of the rooms is like a little club. Brick walls, booths to sit in, etc. It's actually really crappy looking. Kristin brings in her guitar and amp and starts tuning up. It's at this point that we notice that Carson "I'm a self proclaimed douche bag" Daly is in the other band. He immediately starts kissing ass by spouting out Carsonesque lines like, "I'm a really big fan of your work." etc. By now, I really have to go to the bathroom, so I wander back and forth looking for a bathroom and realize how crappy the place is. I find a "shower" among other things, but never find a bathroom.

I go back towards the common area and Kristin is sitting at a table talking to Jamie. She's decked out in sweats, but she wanted to drop by and see how things were going. It was at this time we learn why she couldn't make the show. She skipped the show because she had to go do PILATES!!! Yet, somehow in dreamland, that all made sense. We also learn that there is another act on the bill that is going to go ahead of Kristin, but it's going to be in the common room, not the little club area. The opening act is this guy doing this interpretive dance (I kid you not) with images being projected on a screen behind him. He'd say something about a falling leaf, and he'd do this weird dance trying to simulate a falling leaf. Then there was something about a flower dying or something. I forget. Halfway through, someone taps Kristin and tells her to go ahead and get ready. After he does his dance, I walk over to the club and find a seat. Kristin starts her set and 30 seconds into her first song, I wake up and do one of those "what the...???" and then go back to sleep.

I go back to sleep and things only get better. Most of it is pretty fuzzy, but there is this part where a whole bunch of people die for some reason. Only, later I find out that they didn't actually die because they were preserved in some way. Some person came by and put the bodies in these cases that resembled cigar boxes. I didn't really understand it. Then we find this kid who is also immortal, because when he was young he was buried alive. Apparently, being buried made his organs develop differently, making him live forever. He also had the power to heal people, which he demostrated on an old football coach.

This dream than transformed into a college football half time KOREA. I think all those immortal people were college athletic directors or something. There were these giant stilt like structures that had 5 or so people on each and we'd spin up and down the field, moving from stilt to stilt. I somehow ended up on it and was trying to keep up. Plus my traditional Korean garb was getting in the way. If you've ever watched they opening ceremony of the Olympics when it's held in an asian country, you'd get a sense of how this looked. Then somehow through this, I get thrown into the sidelines of the Nebraska bench and end up becoming their Athletic director or something. It was all really weird.

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