Sunday, July 27, 2003

Rolling in my Volvo to the putt-putt course
It's Jerry Jermaine, Jerry Jermaine (Who???)
Hit the first tee with Tiger Woods force
It's Jerry Jermaine, Jerry Jermaine (Yeah!!!)

I went and played mini-golf yesterday afternoon with Amy, Katie, Kenny and Karen up at this new place in Alexandria. Mini-golf is a lot more challenging than you would think. First of all, you don't have to hit the ball hard at all. On my first tee shot, I sent the ball across the half of the course. Some guys at the 10th hole and to toss it back to me. I guess you can just call me Jerry Jermaine. I don't know who designed the course, but every hole and a slope towards a wall, so if you didn't sink the putt, it'd roll against a wall, it was kinda' frustrating at times. I did get the hang of it eventually. I had a string of birdies and pars along the back nine.

Anyway, on to the big news: I have a JOB! Yes a job! I'm working for Tri-Ad Promotions out of Falls Church. They are a promotions company that works with missing children's charities to raise funds. The job kinda' sucks right now, but the future potential for it is really good. Right now, I'm working in the field, selling various products to people, helping raise funds. The goal; however is to get yourself out of the field and into the office. The company is expanding by 20 or so offices in the next year, so they are trying to find good candidates to train and eventually have them open their own office. I think this really intrigued me because I was thinking about moving out west for a little while to finish school and just to experience something new while I was still young. The problem was that I still have my dream to open up and run my own club. I really wanted to move to Boulder for a little while now, but the cost of living there is really high, plus trying to pay for school would make it really tough. On top of that, I'd have to find another job to start saving up money so I could eventually open up the club.

With this job, they are training me to work in management. If I do well, I could be opening up my own office in a year or two. So, not only would I be able to move to a place like Boulder, I could be making very good money doing it. And with me going through the training, I really wouldn't have to do too much in terms of schooling to learn to run my own business, because in essence, I will be doing that already. So, in 5-10 years I could conceivably have the money and training to go ahead and open up my own club. So, yeah. . . right now I'm kind of excited. I'm still in training right now, but I did decently well last week, so things are looking up.

My parents aren't so sure about the venture right now, because the money isn't good right now. In fact the money is pretty horrible, but I am learning a lot and in a year I can be pushing a salary of $48K and in 2 years pushing $100K. My mom wanted me to take this data entry job for another company, which would pay more right now, but after I left that job, it wouldn't allow me to really progress to the next level. I don't know, I'm willing to suffer right now if it means I can get my club up and running. I'm still going through names for it. Right now I'm thinking that I'll call it "The Clover" or something like that, as a tribute to Clover Valley, our old stomping grounds in Blacksburg.

You call the doctor when you're feeling pain
When you want to feel good, call Jerry Jermaine