Monday, July 14, 2003

Tonight's just one of those nights where you're just upset and you really have no reason to be. There's nothing to justify how you're feeling, but you can't help feel a little down. Well, this made me feel a little better. It's always the little things. . .

So last night I went to the 9:30 Club and saw Virginia Coalition, Matt Nathanson and Brown Couch. Almond stopped by around 4 and we hit up DC looking for a safe place to park near the club. We then took the Metro to hit up The Irish Times for some food and of course Guinness. After a bunch of wings, some sandwiches, a few Guinesses and the largest Captain's and Coke I had ever seen, we tried our luck at pool and actually won the table, due in part to some of my lucky shots to which I give full credit to Captain Morgan. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep it because we had to head back to the club for the show. I think the alcohol did something because I just wanted lay down in the station and just sleep.

We got to the club just as the doors were opening, so we jumped in line with a few of our friends and ended up getting decent spots near the front. I was really impressed with Brown Couch, even though I couldn't understand what they were singing, due to the bad mix. They had really tight harmonies, though. Matt Nathanson is a huge perv with rubbery legs. He was good though, just a little over the top in the raunchy category for me. I think the high light of his set was him talking about 80's power ballads and their modern equivelent, which had him doing a tease of Enrique Iglesia's "Hero."

Right before VACO's set, I found myself surrounded by the same people that I was surrounded by at the Sudflood in Blacksburg. They were really obnoxious, jumping on people (well, me) and just making it hard for people around them to enjoy the show. I wasn't looking forward to an evening of fighting them off of me again. The show hadn't even started and I already had water spilled on my head and down my shirt, smoke blown in my face, etc. Luckily some of the 9:30 Club people got them out of there right before VACO hit the stage. I don't understand how people have no consideration for others, especially if we're all packed together.

Anyway, end of rant. The show itself was great. Since they weren't trying to promote a new album, there was a really good mix of old and new songs. I wish I could've understood more of the words to Andy's new song, though. It was weird to see them use a setlist (written on a paper plate of all things), but I guess it made the show run pretty smooth. Their transition from acoustic to electric songs was really nice, so I think that adds a whole new dynamic to their show. Usually, they'd take 5 minutes or so setting up for a short acoustic set. They did the Ghostbuster's theme with their intern coming out in a sheet that said "Huey Lewis" with a big slash through it. In the middle of the song, Andy ripped off the sheet, revealing the intern underneath in tighty whities. It was mildy disturbing. There was a moment when I thought they were going to launch into The River acoustic-like, but they went into Green and Grey instead. Still a great version of the song, though.

I also learned that I'm starting to get old or something. I was trying to "keep it up" at the end, but I'm just feeble now. I could barely walk after the show. Oh well. . .

The only thing that I missed was the fact that "Come & Go" was on the setlist, but wasn't played.