Sunday, August 10, 2003

I decided to go ahead and work today to make some extra cash. We ended up working this Office Depot in Landham, MD. It was pretty ghetto. I actually watched my first stealing, though. This dude walked in, put some ink cartridges in his bag and then bolted. One of the casiers saw what he was up to, so she threw a phone at him, hoping the cord would trip him up. I didn't even realize what was goign on at first. I just saw this guy running at me, trying to work his way out of a phone cord, then running outside, followed closely by 2 Office Depot guys. It's all on tape though. Unfortunately, so am I, looking confused and retarded at the entire situation.

On top of that, I got run over in the parking lot. After we had packed up and was heading to the office, Terry ran over my foot. He thought I was in the car, but unfortunately he was wrong. He ran up on the foot and stopped when I yelled, "You're on my foot! Back up the car! Back up the CAR!!!" The only problem was that the car was on an incline, so it couldn't back up with out first going forward a little. So he ended up just rolling forward off of my foot. I only have a sore toe from it. It surprised me, I thought I would be in agony or maybe even have a fracture, but no. . . just a blue toe. It makes for a good story, though!

Other than that, it was a pretty slow day. I'm packing and leaving for Charleston, SC for a week, so I'm excited about that. On the way back we're stopping in Raleigh, so I'm going to be able to see Shannon as well!

OK I need to get up early to finish packing and stuff.

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