Monday, August 04, 2003

A kid threw a water balloon at me at work today. Not something I was prepared for when I took this job, haha. Well, let me give a little background on what happened. Mike and I were working the Family Dollar out in Manassas and there was this group of kids that were just being huge pains. I let Mike go to lunch and they were at the table, so I was trying to keep them out of the merchandise and especially the inkpad/fingerprint cards. It was frustrating because I couldn't talk to anyone while I was busy keeping them off of my stuff. Anyway, at one point this really small skinny kids starts saying that I'm gay. He keeps egging it on and asks if my mom knows I'm gay, etc. So I reply saying, "You're the one wearing the Good Charlotte shirt." He then throws a mini-fit because I called his band gay and he throws a water balloon at my feet. He also says some other stuff and I replied, but I'm not going to repeat it here. It was pretty funny, though. I don't think the kid understood what I meant, though. However, it was pretty funny.

That was pretty much the high light of my day. The rest of it was pretty slow.

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