Monday, December 01, 2003

It's now December. It definitely doesn't feel like December. I don't know, the past few months seemed to have flown by. It still seems like it was summer just last week. I was jobless, searching for direction, having no idea where to go. Now I come to the end of the year and notice how much has changed in the past few months and what has stayed the same. It's weird how much you can change, yet still remain the same person underneath it all. I've noticed it with me and with a few others that I'm close to. I think I've finally found a path that I'd like to go down. I know it's not an easy one and there are many choices I'll have to make along the way, as well as many sacrifices. These past few months have been filled with fun, sadness, tears, laughter and pain, but I guess that's just what makes me who I am today. I've been given the opportunity to travel around the US and meet new people, I've become close to the ones I'd least expect and I've lost contact with the ones I've been closest to for years. I've sent out messages in the night, hoping for an answer only to be greeted with silence. Then there have been the times when I'm met with an unexpected "hello" from a friend I had once thougth I'd lost.

I'm not really sure what to make of the tone of this so far. Maybe I'm just lonely right now, I'm not really sure. I guess I'm just trying to say that through life, we are met with ups and downs and in one way or another, they seem to cancel eachother out. It leaves us where we began, only a little older, a little wiser, and a little more prepared for the next roller coaster ride.

and then waltzing on glass is no way to survive
when you trip on the truth to fall back on the lies
the happier times seem to balance the lows
and they haven't got too far to go

no more tears today
no more time to waste
when I come to the end of the line
I'll know it's my time to shine

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