Saturday, February 14, 2004

So, it's Valentine's Day and I've had a lot of time to ponder today. I spent the majority of the day just walking around watching the countless singles avoiding the huge Valentine's Day displays while the last minute shoppers ravaged what was left, hoping to score points with their significant other. I don't think there is another holiday that is either loved or dispised as much as this one. It's almost as popular to celebrate as it is to shun it. People, well unattatched people, call it "Singles Awareness Day," but if you think about it, no one knows you are single unless your openly broadcasting it. Personally, I think that if people openly expressing their feelings towards eachother brings you a feeling of hopelessness, maybe you have bigger things to worry about. How exactly are two people being affectionate on this day any worse than two people being affectionate on any other day?

Then there are those who boycot the holiday on the grounds that it is too commercial. I think those people should just be happy that they have the opportunity to reaffirm their feelings for that loved one. They shouldn't let the commercialism take away the core of what is there, their love for eachother.

For me, today was just like any other day. Maybe next year, this day will mean something to me, but until then, who am I to take away from everyone expressing their feelings for each other via pre-written cards oversized plush animals? There'll be a day when I get to be the sap carrying around that white bear holding a heart and a bouquet of flowers wearing a silly grin on my face, until then, I'm going to let the lovers have their day.

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