Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I witnessed the strangest and most peculiar site today. I watched my dad do his impersonation of Axl Rose. "Patience" came on VH-1 Classic this afternoon and my dad tried to do his sway thing, but didn't really come close. My genes are so non-rythmatic, so it makes me wonder how I became a drummer.

In an related note, I managed to get chapstick in my eye. At least I think that's what happened. Perhaps I need to work on how vigorously I apply, because now my eye kinda' burns.

Also, I don't like cold days where the sun is out. It's deceptive. Also, you bundle yourself up to go out, but then you get in the car and it's all forms of hot in there. So, as you're driving you get all sweaty because you've got 3 shirts and a puffy coat on. Then, when you get out, the wind finds where that sweat was (usually on your back) and sends a gust of wind up your shirt.

OK, I know that was a totally random post, but it's OK because I'm talking to two good friends and for right now, things are looking up.

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