Thursday, May 20, 2004

I had another fun dream! This one kind of' started like a video game. At first it was a first person shooter (like Halo or Golden Eye for those that don't understand) but when you reached the very last level, it was a side scrolling game (like Mario 3). The weird thing was the chronology of the thing. Different parts of the dream referenced each other, so it's kind of hard for me to remember the exact order. So here are some high lights:

-There was a lot of fighting against ghosts and aliens, with the help of a friend.

-We actually vacuumed ghosts in a vacuum cleaner.

-I went to a store to buy some stuff, but didn't have enough to get me a bottle of soda at the check out line. As I was leaving, my cashier hooked me up a couple of times because he had just gotten fired.

-The cashier and I trapped some people in these boxes (I don't remember why, but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do).

-We ended up letting them go because they were cute and we felt sorry for them. We just gave them a little money and told them to get out of here.

-I had to fight this giant cat, and she was mad pissed.

-I fought her using a crossbow, but eventually ran out of bolts. Nothing is scarier than a giant cat chasing you with giant arrows sticking out of it.

-As it turns out, the cat was a woman, a very evil woman that was somehow connected to the ghosts.

-She was captured, but she managed to escape by transforming into a cat and then shipping herself to a new land.

-To get to the cat, we had to travel through "hell," but it was different in terms of "hell."

-Hell was in constantly dark and blue, not bright and red

-Later it was revealed that his was part of some prophecy, saying that everything in Hell is backwards, so what you think it will be like, it's the opposite.

-I went to this restaurant with my brother; I had a bunch of iced tea.

-One of the waitresses sucked and got annoyed when we asked her for things. The other one who took her place was cool. She got a good tip.

-One of the ghosts we trapped in the vacuum escaped. When not in ghost form, he was an overweight hairy man with red hair. Also, he was only wearing tighty whities.

-After escaping, he held a "family conference" to get to the bottom of what was going on. Trying to frame us for the bad stuff he did, because he knew that we knew he was a ghost.

-He held the conference in his underwear.

Anyway, right now my brother is napping and his girlfriend is watching "You Got Served." I've taken refuge in my room for now. I've also gotten adept and balancing coins on their edge. I find that it is more entertaining than that the movie could ever be. I'll take a picture and share when I get a chance. Right now I have 2 dimes, 2 nickels and a Susan B. Anthony dollar up. The quarter keeps falling over.

This just in:

A conversation between my brother’s girlfriend, myself and my dad:

Me: Min-Hee.
Min-Hee: Huh?
Me: You got served!!!
Min-Hee: Haha, now the movie is sad. The little boy died!
My Dad: From what, dancing on his head?
Me: A broken neck?
Min-Hee: No, he was riding in a car and someone shot at the car.
My Dad: He got drive-by served!

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