Monday, May 17, 2004

OK, adding another one from my freaky dream file:

It starts of with me wanting to get out of the house, so I go down to the mall for a little bit just to chill. I go to the music store to peruse the selection of music and choose the CD's that I want, but probably won't ever buy. While there, I run into three of Cliff’s (my brother) girlfriend's friends. One of them immediately starts to hit on me pretty heavily. She leans in and says, "I'm yours tonight," and whispers something really dirty, which I cannot remember at this moment. At this point, I get really sketched out so I spend the rest of my time in the mall avoiding them.

Eventually I go back home and tell my brother about my encounter and he informs me that she's always like this. Cliff then asks me if I want to go to the beach and after some thought I decide to go for it. I find some trunks and a towel and start heading out the door. Outside, we are met by Cliff's girlfriend and she is looking for her dog. At this point a giant snake comes out of nowhere, slithering through the grass. We fear that the snake will go after the dog (if it hadn't already done so) so she goes off in a frantic chase. At this moment, the snake gets up and it's revealed to have legs! All of a sudden, 3 more pop up out of the forest and grassy areas surrounding our house. These things aren't tiny either; they range from 20 to 50 feet long. We all freak out and run back into the house, locking all the doors and windows. We then go upstairs and lock all the windows there as well.

As it turns out, our house is actually a bar and has multiple living levels above it (where we live). We eventually learn to live with the lizard-snakes, sneaking in and out of buildings when we can. We had quite a few patrons in the bar, among them was Lewis Black. He was being drunk and belligerent, yelling about stuff. It all made sense in the dream, but I can't remember what he was saying. Also, some cadets from a nearby military academy dropped by to have a few drinks. I remember one of the guys really annoying me (going upstairs to my bathroom to shave his head). I might have fought him and beat him. If so, now we KNOW this is a dream (as if a girl making sexual advances upon me wasn't a clue as well).

At some point a group of us has to go outside (for a reason unbeknownst to me) and we are making our way back to the house/pub. We are trying to avoid the giant lizard-snakes (which are everywhere by this time). As we get near, one of them spots us and we have to sprint towards the house and we just close the green door as the creature strikes it on the outside. Unfortunately, the door doesn't lock anymore, so we end up pushing some tables and booths in front of it. I then go to the highest possible level of the place, because I guess I feel safer there. Lewis Black is up there as well, still drunk and still yelling. I think we actually hold a small conversation, but once again, I can't remember it.

It's at this moment that we remember that we have "Terminators." Now when I say "Terminator," I don't mean the CyBorgs from the movies. These are human operated battle robots. It has a cockpit for the pilot to control it while it moves with the aid of legs and a rocket pack. It also has guns mounted on the arms. So we deploy a crew of these to attack the lizard-snakes. At first, the Terminators are prevailing, but apparently when you trip one of them and it hits the ground, the cock pit flies open, launching the pilot out of his seat, leaving him vulnerable to being eaten. I guess it's a design flaw. Anyway, the lizard-snakes find a way to trip them all and quickly they finish off the threat.

So we go back to living in fear and secrecy, avoiding the lizard-snakes. It's around this point that I woke up. I kind of wish that the dream had some sort of resolution, but more so than that, I wish my dream wasn't a bad science fiction movie. The ones that are so bad that they play them on the Sci-Fi channel at 3 am.

This dream reminded me of a weird dream I had a while back. It was weird enough that I ended up e-mailing it to a friend. I just had to share this with someone else. Anyway, here it is for your amusement:

In [this dream], I'm working for some really big company. There are some details to this that are kind of fuzzy in my job description, but it seems to a mine of some sort. I always have to go into a cave and I come out covered in this white powder. The "mines" are connected to the main building where my actual desk is. We have our desks set up so that two desks are facing each other. Mine faces this guy's who is a neat freak. He's always dressed in nice clothes and keeps his desk very tidy. He doesn't do any work all day, but only cleans his desk. When the boss comes around I get in trouble for always being dirty while he gets commended on being neat, despite the fact that I'm doing all of the work and he just sits at his desk all day.

After a while, this starts to grate my nerves, so I lead a revolt and quit. In my revolt, I have to face a mighty insect army (eh?). We meet the insect army on a bridge that joins two cliffs high above very large river. During the battle, the bridge is brought down and we all end up in the river. The insects all drown, because they can't swim. However, an insect army boat is coming for us and I only have one shot in my bazooka type gun to sink the ship. I fire and completely miss. I get ready to face my doom then I remember, "I can restart this at a previously saved point!” Who knew that dreams could have video game properties?

So we face the insect army on the bridge again, and once again it falls into the river. This time as the boat comes, I wait a little longer, until I'm right next to the boat and then I fire and sink the ship...hooray!!! We then swim across the river into a wooded area.

While in the wooded area we discover that it is inhabited by dinosaurs, primarily Velociraptors and T-Rex's. Of course almost immediately we are being chased by one of each. I maneuver through the trees to avoid them and as I weave in and out among the trees I try and get the T-Rex and raptor to fight each other. I use the trees to guard against rex and have these huge tree branches to fend off the raptor. Then the raptor disappears, but the T-Rex is right on top of me. Just when he's almost on top of me, he false down and starts twitching and convulsing. Then I notice a collar around his neck. Apparently it was like one of those collars that people put on their dogs, so that when they get close to the wire that's buried surrounding their yard, it gives the dog a little shock. I guess I was just on the other side of the wire.

During all of the twitching, the T-Rex falls into this very large pit. At this point the raptor re-appears, but it has changed forms. Now it has turned into a female person. She's a blonde, wearing blue jeans and a white sweater. She comes close to me and then starts to come on to me. She starts to put her hands on my shoulders then I realize that she's trying to seduce me and I remember that she's really a raptor. So I pretend to respond to her, then I surprise her by pushing her into the pit with the T-Rex. It was kind of a shame too, though because she was kind of cute.

Anyway, it was about here that I wake up...

I hope you enjoyed these.

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