Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Yeah, have you ever been talking to a friend and you guys start to jokingly flirt a bit? I mean, anyone who knows me, knows that I jokingly flirt a lot. I try to make it pretty obvious by staying over the top with what I say, so it ends up being really cheesy (but in a fun sort of way). The problem is when you get caught up in the moment trying to out do each other that you accidentally go too far. So now there's this sense of uneasiness to the whole thing. Now, everytime you talk to her (in my case), there is a little bit of uncomfortableness in your conversations, just trying to stay polite. You're not sure if you should bring it up and talk about it or if you should let it go and hope it just goes away. So yeah. . .

. . .oops.

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