Friday, July 02, 2004

So, maybe one of these days I'll actually put together a decent sleep schedule. Oh well, that's what the weekend is for, right?

Anyway, I got to see Virginia Coalition last night at Power Plant Live in Baltimore. It wasn't without its adventures, though. First off, I totally forget to bring directions to the venue, but since I had been there before, I figure I can wing it. I get all the way into Baltimore (after battling rush hour traffic and text messaging friends to pass the time) and I try and feel my way around the city. I remember that it is across the street from the ESPN Zone and the Hard Rock Cafe (both of which are in the old power plant building). I find them and go down the street next to the Old power plant building, but I immediately end up in the shady part of the city. After driving around for a while I try to head back to the stadium and try and get my bearings straight again. However, I was starting to have trouble even find that. I finally call Chikako and she gets on mapquest and guides me through the city. I'd keep telling her what intersection I was at and she would tell me which way to go. She was like my own personal On*Star assistant! I have to give her much props.

Anyway, I get to the place, give Eryn (the promotions coordinator) the photos of us bowling with the guys. These pics were from quite a while back or in her words, the "pictures you owed me from 20 years ago??"

The show itself was really good. The band is really starting to put it together and gelling after the departure of Steve. The set seemed really short, though. It might have had to do with the fact that it was raining and it caused them to get underway late. There were these older folks near the outdoor bar totally dancing and rocking out to them. It put a smile on my face.

I didn't stick around after the show to talk to the guys. I developed a pretty massive headache and didn't feel like being around the skanky girls that were shoving their breasts at the band. On top of that, the stage is between two buildings full of bars, so there were plenty of "I'm too cool for you" guys walking around. The guys with their chests puffed out and strutting about, how is comfortable to walk like that?

Anyway, the drive home was equally as entertaining. Apparently finding a gas station between Baltimore and Washington, DC is pretty tricky. I'm on the DC Beltway when I discover that I am in need of some gas. I get off at Rt. 50 because it's a pretty big road and I figure that there will be gas there (there are no signs for gas on I-95 or I-495). However, I end up in some boonie of a town trying not to get run over by tractor trailers. I finally find a run down gas station, I put in a quick $10 and hope that there isn't anyone who wants to kill and maim a skinny Asian/white boy. By this time, I'm a good ways inside the Beltway, so I go into DC via Rt. 50 and then head south through downtown (I learned the way from getting lost try to see VACO at the XM Radio Station. You can read about that here). As soon as I leave the city and get back on I-395, I hit traffic. Apparently they were repaving the highway, so it left us with half a lane to use. I go back into text message mode and TM Susan because I'm annoyed (It's 1 AM, I just want to go home!). She immediately calls back and we catch up on old times. It's always good to talk to an old friend, it definitely helps pass the time while you try to avoid the traffic cones that keep getting closer and closer to you. I did eventually make it home, if you didn't figure it out.

So, there you have it. Fun times on the road with Steven!

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