Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Holy crap, it's an update!

I know you guys have been on the edge of your seats waiting for some news. I guess a lot has happened in the past month or two. This past Sunday, Athena (a mad cool chick that I work with) and myself went to Georgetown to work the book signing of Billy Corgan's new poetry book Blinking with Fists at Barnes & Noble. They sent out a memo asking for help for the event, so we figured it'd be fun. However, trying to figure out how the bus schedules work in DC was a bit of a hassle. In the end we made it to the store and it was a good time. The whole thing was really organized and Billy signed 400 books in 2 hours. To top it all off, I got paid for it. Afterward, Athena and I walked around G-town for a bit, ate at a local pizzeria and goofed off in some shops.

In the weeks previous to this I went and saw Vertical Horizon and Virginia Coalition at the 9:30 Club. Both, as always, put on really good shows. The only drawback was that Vertical's set was short due to time constraints. Other than that, it was a great show. There was a time, when their shows had started getting a bit more "mediocre" while on the label, but now that they are free and can play what they want (or what we want if we whine enough), the shows are a lot of fun again. It's just a really good mix of old and new stuff.

VACO's CD release show was also a lot of fun. However the crowds are getting increasingly more annoying. People just need to know how to handle their alcohol better. Either that or learn how to not be a douche. The highlight of the show was when the band came out for their encore wearing inflatable sumo suits. Then as they closed out the show, they had more people come up on stage in similar suits jumping around. Then a couple tried to jump in the crowd and surf. One was immediately dropped, I guess that serves him right.

In other news, I'm interviewing for a lead position at the store now as well as working with Eryn for VACO promo stuff. I'm also reading the Jenny McCarthy book Belly Laughs. I bought it for Susan (who has since become "with child"), but haven't sent it to her yet. It was recommended to me and so far it's pretty funny and incredibly gross, but I guess that is to be expected.

That's it for now, hopefully updates will come more readily in the future. In truth, I haven't updated because I've just been too lazy to.

CD of the moment:
The Killers - Hot Fuss

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