Saturday, October 23, 2004

I just found out that my blog was linked on They use Feedster to go in and scan blogs and news webpages for updates on a specific topic. I guess my last post on the signing caught their attention. I was wondering why my page was being referred to from a Billy Corgan fan site. I'm wondering if this one will be linked as well.

In other news, my mom's birthday was the other day. I thought I'd be a good son and buy her a nice flower bouquet. Nothing over the top, just some nice fall flowers. All was well and good until my dad put his roses next to mine and all of a sudden my flowers seemed really small. Well, he is married to her, so I suppose he should out do me. At least he better.

I also discovered that there aren't enough fast food places in my area. I pulled off the post-work nap today, so when I woke up at 8, I had no desire to actually prepare food. I took a drive through the neighborhood looking for something to eat. I broke down and went to the Burger King (always a last resort) but had to bail when they didn't take credit cards. So I drove off again, in search of sustenance. I finally came to this plaza and saw a sign stating that their pizza was on sale. I ran in and put in an order and they told me to give them 10 minutes to prepare it. I ended up going in the Giant food store in the same plaza, which was a bad mistake seeing as how I was quite hungry. Let's just say that I have plenty of Hot Pockets (Pizza, Chicken Parmesan, and Apple Strudels) and some Texas Toast garlic bread. What am I going to do with garlic bread? I have no spaghetti making supplies, nor do I really have the intention to purchase any.

One more thing, since I used my card for the pizza they gave me a receipt to sign. However, on the receipt there was a space for a tip. What is the correct procedure here? I admit to the fact that I'm not sure when you're supposed to give a tip. I ended up not giving a tip because I reasoned that tips were given to the driver, so the people behind the counter would never see tip money anyway. What would you folks have done?

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  1. Hey yes every time you mention billy corgan it will be on :)


  2. Anonymous1:00 AM

    You don't have to leave a tip when you're buying from the counter.

    I wouldn't leave a tip for the cashier at McDonalds, so I think that that's how it works.