Friday, December 24, 2004

I think I get more phone calls from people looking for someone else than I get for me. You'd think in this era of stored numbers and caller ID, we'd have less of this, but apparently not. It's always fun when the person on the other line is too embarassed to admit to the mistake and just hangs up.

Christmas shopping is pretty much done now. I had to pick up my dad's gift at Lowe's today.

It's an air compressor with 50 contraptions that you can attatch to it including a nailgun and a pressure cleaner. It's pretty nifty, but not fun at all to move by yourself in rain. Especially when the box is as about as big as I am.

CD of the Moment:
Wonder Twins - Wintery Mix 2005
modest mouse - the world at large
modest mouse - float on
damien rice - blower's daughter
phoenix - too young
fiona apple - better version of me
franz ferdinand - take me out
jamie cullum - frontin' (neptunes cover)
jump, little children - lover's greed
the killers - mr. brightside
iron & wine - naked as we came
phoenix - if i ever feel better
heather nova - gloomy sunday
vertical horizon - falling down
the postal service - suddenly everything has changed (flaming lips cover)
lewis black - miami rant
junior boys - birthday
heather nova - london rain (acoustic)
damien rice - creep (radiohead cover)

This is a mix CD that I made for a friend for Christmas. I still plan on making a couple more, though, but those will have to wait until after the Holidays.

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