Friday, December 10, 2004

What is it about tortilla chips and salsa (the spicey stuff, not the wimpy stuff that tastes like overly salted tomatoes) that causes me to over indulge? Just add beer to that equation and I'm done, seriously. My stomach may be hurting now, but I still stand firm that it was worth it. Oh so good!

I guess now that my life has some for of rhythm to it now, I don't feel as compelled to update this thing. Maybe it's the repetition that makes me feel as if nothing much is really happening. It does make the time fly by, which I'm not sure I really want. I did go to Philly back in November, though. I'd tell you more about it, but I really don't remember. Apparently I spilled some alcohol, which I have no recollection of having, on the lovely Kristin Diable. It's OK though, Cash (her dog) liked me so I'm in the clear.

I picked up Sam Brown's new book, Amazing Rain, today. If you're a fan of his website, definitely check it out. I'm kind of bummed that it's not hardcover, though.

CD of the moment:
The Postal Service - Give Up

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