Saturday, February 19, 2005

Who would've thought that I'd be happy with Washington, DC traffic? After driving around New York City, the Beltway is a welcome sight. I think the city is great, but it's no place for anything with more than 2 wheels.

I took an overnight trip there (on a whim) to see some friends as well as watch VACO perform at the Bowery Ballroom. The plan was to drive up with Eryn, drop her off at Bluhammock (the label) and then spend the day with friends and then meet up at the show that night. However, I get a call on my way to Eryn's that the band left T-Pipe (the sound guy) behind because they couldn't be late for a radio interview. So I swing by the band house to pick him up. In the process I scare one of the band member's girlfriends as she was getting ready for work. After picking up T-Pipe (who for some reason, decided to sit in the back seat), I grab Eryn.

Four hours later, we arrive in NYC and begin playing vehicular frogger through Manhattan. I finally manage to drop off my passengers, find my hotel and park the car in a garage. It cost my $27 to park (which is really cheap in NYC). I then set out on foot to just explore the city until I could meet up with Susan. Not sure where to go and not wanting to look like a tourist by pulling out a map, I randomly chose a subway station to start my excursion. After walking around and getting coffee, I then traveled down to Brooklyn to meet up with a very dear and very pregnant friend. We ate at a very nice restaurant where everyone knew Susan. I'm pretty sure that everyone there thought I was the father, which was awkward because everyone knows how much he's being a cocksucker through all of this. She's actually due at any moment now. I can't believe she's going to be a mom.

So, then I then trekked back into the city and checked into the city and checked into the hotel (they would hold my bags, but wouldn't let me check in until 3pm). After washing up, I headed to the club to catch VACO along with Matt Wertz and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. Stephen Kellogg put on a really good show. I had heard their music before and wasn't that impressed, but in a live setting, they knew how to entertain. They definitely got the crowd involved which was fun to watch. I did spend part of their set backstage, but it was kind of awkward. The band was meeting with some record execs, so I ended up feeling out of place and in the way. Eventually I left and found a table to watch the rest of the show. VACO's set was actually kind of weird. It seemed to take them a little while to get going and find their groove.

I didn't really stick around afterwards and just went to bed because of the long drive in the morning. The next day I got to visit a few more cool stores as well as have lunch with Timarie and Rachael (two of NYC's finest). Then I met up with Eryn and we headed back south to the place where people stay in their lanes when they drive.

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