Thursday, August 25, 2005

Have you ever met someone who totally blew you away? No matter what hand they are dealt, the accept it and move forward. I have a friend who has suffered more than I could imagine, having to go through fibromyalgia and what is probably Lupus for the past 4 or 5 years. So, just when it looks like her fibro was in recession, she gets dealt another blow. Today she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Now she can't even legally drive nor is she allowed to be alone with kids under 12. Despite this, she hasn't let this get her down. I'm amazed at how she's able to step back, assess the situation and then figure out a course of action. I've truly admired how she's been able to stay positive through all of this.

Anyway, this is a message I left her after I found out she might have epilepsy and would have to ride the bus around town:

FollowdByMadness (9:16:41 PM): maybe this means that you'll have to wear a rugby helmet everywhere you go and then you'll meet some guy at the hospital who falls in love with you due to your quirkiness and inability to tell the truth. he'll take you everywhere on his WWII motorcycle. then you won't have to worry about the bus.

I adore you, Kristin.

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