Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I have way too much fun with Sarah online.

cocodragonx: your mom's retarded!
FollowdByMadness: your mom poops retarded!
cocodragonx: ew!
cocodragonx: how do you poop retarded?
FollowdByMadness: i don't know.
cocodragonx: with that little silver handlebar next to the toilet?
FollowdByMadness: HAHAHA
cocodragonx: lol

FollowdByMadness: oh, it's the last minute of talk like a pirate day
FollowdByMadness: arrrrgh
cocodragonx: ARGH MATEY!
cocodragonx: i say we carry it on until tomorrow anyway
cocodragonx: screw the constraints, man
FollowdByMadness: i tried and I ended up in jail for a week.
cocodragonx: hahaha
cocodragonx: that's probably because the cops caught you pooping in public
FollowdByMadness: well, if I had those silver bars, it wouldn't have been a problem!
cocodragonx: HAHAHA
cocodragonx: ohhh you're the best

So, as this Talk Like a Pirate Day conludes, I just want to say that if you're reading this, you shiver me timbers.

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  1. jaycee here... just came across ur blog... i find ur music preference very interesting...