Saturday, September 03, 2005

It sucks when you can't sleep at night, thank goodness for the History Channel. I've never been so intrigued about the history of paint. I'm not joking, maybe it's the lack of sleep, but learning about paint really entertained me.

On a more somber note, I found out that a friend of mine is getting a divorce. It's just so odd that I can't even put it into perspective. We're young, we're supposed to be having fun, being (somewhat) carefree, getting ready for the next big adventure (this may be the most clich├ęd sentence I've ever written). Sure, we worry about stuff, but one of them should NOT be divorce. I can't even wrap my head around this concept. It's so far out of my league, I don't even know what to tell her. It's seldom that I'm at a loss of words, but the best I can do for her is wish her the best. I get mad at myself just looking at those words. Wish her the best? What the hell? I don't know anymore.

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