Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is an actual phone conversation at work today:

Me: Barnes & Noble Springfield, this is Steven, how can I help you?
Caller: Yes, I was wondering if you have a certain magazine?
Me: Alright
Caller: Has the new scratch 'n sniff Playboy come in?
Me: (suppressing laughter)Uh. . . I don't think so, let me check the computer. I'm not seeing any indication that we received that.
Caller: Maybe it was Penthouse, I can't remember
Me: Let me put you on hold and find out for you
Me: Doug, do you know of any scratch 'n sniff Playboys or Penthouses?
Doug: (Laughing)No, can't say that I have
Me: Do they even exist?
Doug: Wouldn't surprise me.

Me: Sir, it doesn't look like we've received any. If you want, I can take your number and if we get it in, we'll give you a call.
Caller: No, no, my wife would kill me.
Me: Alright sir, have a good day.

Later, as I walked by receiving, Doug sniffs his fingers and says to me, "The new Playboys have arrived."

Does this thing actually exist? Never mind, forget it, I'm too disturbed to want to know more.

Does anyone else top off their gas to an even amount, even though they are using a credit card? I do it at restaurants as well. I'll tip so the end balance will be an even number. It's not as if I'm going to be getting any change back, so why do I do it? Why does anyone? It baffles me.

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  1. Hehehe I do that. Especially at restraunts. I think it's partially habit built of paying cash for everything until I got married, and no longer had cash. Either that, or it's just something about the simplicity of even numbers. Everyhwere else there are always loose details. But in restraunts with tips, we can in some small way restore the balance. Actually I don't do it in gas stations so much, because I live in Oregon, where pumping gas is too dangerous for untrained people. but whenever I buy gas in Washington, I do top it off to an even dollar ammount.