Friday, October 21, 2005

I have a fan club!

xoxo amor: dear diary, i got to see my undercover lover, steven today. gosh, he is sooo amazering. the coolest half-korean whitey i've ever met. he's hotter than kimchi. i like the way he pointed the PDT at me today and kicked my foot. sent tingles in my toes. your truly, nhi.

proud member of the steven black fan crub!
theme song: "dancing in the dark" by bruce springsteen
mission statement: "your MOM is my mission!"
-Sarah Blair

I also got my cymbals today! And tomorrow, I go to pick up my new 53" big screen TV! Oh yeah!

Anyway, here is a tale from earlier in the week, which I had written down, but my computer crashed halfway through it, so it got erased:

It has become apparent to me that Steven and DC do not mix. Somehow or another, I always find myself lost in that city. It's not as if I have a poor sense of direction. In fact, I have a pretty good sense of direction. It's just hard to use that sense if you have no idea where you are going. Anyway, I went into DC earlier this week to pick up tickets to the Bosom Ball and got there relatively unscathed, despite some mix ups earlier in the day. By the time I met up with the person who had my tickets, I was informed that another Metro stop was actually closer and she told me how to get there. This is where things started to head south. She told me to take 18th St., take a right on Q towards Connecticut Ave. and jump on the Dupont Circle stop. Unfortunately, when I got to Q St., it looked like it only went in one direction (left), so that was the direction I went. Had I investigated further, I would have seen that Q resumed a little bit past the intersection. On top of that, a large crowd seemed to be heading in that direction, so I figure they had to be going to the Metro stop, or at least somewhere where a Metro stop would be. I ended up walking for almost an hour before I found myself on 14th St. and recognized where I was. From there I walked up to U St. (essentially walking in a giant U) and jumped on the Cardoza line.

But it didn't stop there. Thinking I was finally home free, I find myself on a train that is having mechanical difficulties. After going two stops in Penzoil fashion (stop and go), they kick us all off of the train and take it out of service. The comic relief came when a guy had fallen asleep on the train and people were trying to wake him up from the outside. There were at least 5 people banging on the window as he lay there totally passed out. Finally, a large African American woman woke him up by hitting the window with everything she had while yelling, "WAKE UP, STUPIDHEAD!!!"

I finally made it home where Amanda picked me up at the Metro with a bread/spinach thing and some Snapple. This was her way of atoning for her sins earlier in the day. Anyway, in the end, I got my tickets and capped the evening by hanging out with a good friend, so it all worked out.

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