Thursday, October 06, 2005

There's nothing like watching someone's face light up when they are excited about something. Such was the case today when I went with Amanda to see a boat for sale up in Maryland. Sure, it needs some work, but it is in good shape structurally and the price couldn't be beat.

Tonight was also the Kristin Diable show at the State Theatre. I almost didn't go because I didn't have anyone to go with, but I went anyway. I told her that I'd go, so I felt (at least a little) obligation and artists and musicians need support, so I figured I should give what support I could. I'm definitely glad I went as she put on a good show. I also made a new friend tonight. Let's just say that she was upset when she learned that Kristin likes boys. She was definitely an interesting character, but she was a lot of fun.

But now, I have this throbbing headache, because I apparently stepped in a puddle of gas while filling up my tank. So gas got into my car's carpet when I got back in and I breathed in the fumes for half an hour. I tried rolling down my windows, but that only helped a little. So now I'm going to take drugs and go to bed.

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