Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We're not exactly sure who it was, but someone had an accident on our sales floor today. Someone lost control of their bowels and it ended up all over our sales floor. Just in case you aren't following, someone pooed on our floor. Yes, someone POOED ON OUR FLOOR! We think it was an older gentleman. Poor Heath had to clean up the mess. Then to top it off, a woman missed the target completely when she went to drop her kids off at the pool and instead, got poo all over the side of the toilet. As of this time, we do not believe that the two incidents are related. It was quite the bizarre morning, to say the least.

And yet another Doug moment:

[All of this is Doug, hypothesizing about the Lord of the Rings in the bathroom]
Hobbit: Gandalf, are you alright?
Gandalf: It will not pass!!!
[30 seconds later]

Yeah, apparently this is becoming more of a Doug quote board and less my journal.

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