Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To celebrate the end of the semester, we decided that it'd be a good idea to play a pick-up game of baseball. It wasn't a very formal game, as people came and went as they chose, it was just a way to blow off some steam. However, there was one person there that just didn't sit well with me and I remember feeling weird as he looked at me.

Eventually, I went to go pack and get ready to leave for break. I remember that my car only had 2 seats, yet I needed to transport 4 people, so I took it to the shop to have more seats installed. As I was waiting for my car to be worked on, I noticed that they were actually manufacturing robots and the robots in turn were manufacturing more robots. The idea being that the robots would be a self-sustaining work force. Knowing my movie history and what happened to Cyberdyne, I knew that this had the potential to be catastrophic. I remember watching the first robot that was built by another robot being completed and knew it was my time to leave.

At the same time, I was tipped off that our atmosphere was being occupied by various ships. I learned that they were set to attack on Sunday (how I knew, I have no idea), so I knew I had to evacuate my family and friends as quick as possible. Unfortunately, when I got home, the attacks had already started and we had to take cover. The air was covered in laser scanners as these aliens looked for any survivors while screams were heard from the nearby neighborhoods. I remember hiding in my closet as a scout rolled by peering in the window to see if anyone was in there. It actually looked directly at me, but I held still enough that it just rolled away.

We contemplated making a run for it in our car, but we decided that we'd never escape the ships and we'd be doomed before we even began. However, we also heard the precision of which these beasts were hunting down all humans house by house. Fortunately, they skipped our house, since the scout did not see me.

At one point we opened the door to see what was going on and I see the same guy that was at the pick-up baseball game that I didn't like. I wondered how he could be out riding his bike during all of this and not be killed. At this point, I realized that he was actually a mole and was tipping off the aliens with where people were. When they learned where we were, they descended on our house and it was at this point I woke up.

I ended up falling back asleep and having a shorter, yet far more pleasant dream about someone I care about.

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