Thursday, March 09, 2006

I got to the Old Town Theatre at 9:45 thinking I would be just in time to catch Natacia. Of course, that'd be too easy. As I arrive, Natacia calls to inform me that she's running a bit late but she'll be there soon. No biggie and I figure I'll just wait there until she and her posse arrives. First, the weird Asian guy running the theatre comes out to talk to me about kung fu movies and what not. I just get this very strange vibe, so I figure I'll just hang out outside the theatre until they arrive. Then the homeless people start to talk to me and I then am forced to retreat back into the theatre where Crazy Asian is met with Crazy Whitey. Luckily they feed off of each other's crazy and I am able to hide in the corner waiting for them. At around 10:15, I decide to call it a night and am about to leave because I couldn't take being in there anymore. As I get up, Crazy Asian informs me that the movie doesn't actually start until 10:30 (as opposed to 10 as I originally thought, so I am forced to stay a bit longer. I then proceed to text Natacia with "Where are you?? Delaware?" Apparently they missed their exit and were stuck trying to make their way back This seems to happen to me fairly often. This is after we had a conversation about ME knowing how to get to Old Town so she doesn't have to wait for me.

They finally arrive at the theatre at 10:45 and of course Natacia is trying to apologize profusely and Crazy Asian goes in to talk to the new meat. Natacia immediately senses the weird vibe so we wait outside until her friend parks the car before we go back inside. We then proceed to buy our mandatory popcorn while Crazy Asian (at the register) and Crazy Whitey (serving the popcorn) double team us with their powers of weirdness. While there, the owner of the establishment returns and he is clearly wasted. The guy can barely stand up. Apparently, he had tried to hug Natacia at a previous movie. We get the popcorn, run to the balcony and await the movie. Of course, it's not an actual movie reel. Oh no, it's a DVD hooked up to a projector! We laugh about it, but we're OK because we're the only ones in the theatre, so they didn't start to movie until we were all there.

Unfortunately about 30 minutes into the movie, it stops and we are once again forced to interact with the Crazies. Michelle (one of Natacia's friends) goes downstairs to tell them and we learn that the DVD is cracked. After much confusion, we settle on a new movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Normally, I would be OK with this but I knew that the Harry Potter movies are quite long and that it was already 11:40. At this point I don't think any of us cared, so we watched our movie and left without being seen. It was 2 am by this time and I was definitely ready to be home.

The Harry Potter movie (and the whole realm of Harry Potter itself) confused me. I mean, why is it so dangerous to go to school. When I was a kid school was a relatively safe place, save for the bullies. I couldn't understand why there weren't more precautions taken against the Dementors. I think most institutions would try and keep their kids safe with some sort of way to protect the kids from something that might kill them, not just a verbal warning to stay away.
Also (spoiler, so don't read on if you don't want to know), when the kids find out that Syrius Black is actually innocent, Dumbledor tells them that no one will believe three kids. However, earlier in the movie when Hagrid is under review, the council totally takes Malfoy's word and sentence Buckbeak to be executed. One could argue that Dumbledor knew that Buckbeak would be saved, but it still doesn't make any sense because the entire student body is still going to think that the council believed Malfoy over Hagrid.

Then there was the whole time travel aspect. Earlier in the movie, the crazy Divination professor says that innocent blood will be spilled tonight. When Harry and Hermoine go back in time to change the past, it is revealed that nothing actually changes. Everything happens in exactly the same way, we just see it from another viewpoint which reveals that everything turns out OK in the end. This means the divination was full of crap because no innocent blood was ever spilled.

I'm not even going to get into the whole aspect of Hermoine time traveling so she can take more classes. That just didn't make any sense and a bunch of levels.

P.S. Don't tell me to just read the books, because it's not going to work.

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  1. hahaha... oh man... you have no idea how bad i felt. lance was like, "he's never talking to you again... you know that, right?" *lowers head in shame* i can't BELIEVE they seemingly left the theater before the movie even ended! or like, passed out somewhere... oh god... when i was driving back home, michelle was like, "we should bring our own movie next time," and lance and i simultaneously go, "NEXT TIME???"