Monday, March 27, 2006

Kristin has been trying to convince me to move out to Colorado so we can form a band and put the "rock" into "Rockies." OK, that was lame, I apologize.

So, I think I'm planning a trip out to see her and maybe see if this is something I could honestly pursue. As I was searching for my HR handbook, so I can find out how many vacation hours I had, I stumbled across an old journal of mine. It's a journal that Shannon, a dear friend of mine, gave me many years ago. She wrote a note on the inside cover and then randomly throughout the journal, put in quotes, thoughts, whatever about friendship, inside jokes and other anecdotes. I consider it one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and because of that, I have been too afraid to use it. I decided I'd read through some of them, just to be nostalgic and in between the pages of the journal I found a $100 bill.

Now that has me wondering, is this some sort of sign that I should take the chance and go for this gig in Colorado. Wait, am I seriously considering this? Moving to Denver? I'm crazy.

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  1. Amanda11:31 AM

    You're not crazy, stir things up! How long have you been saying that something's got to change? At the very least make the trip and check out the situation