Sunday, April 16, 2006

I have a started a war with a coworker of mine. It all began when we had the following conversation:

(Asking about the song currently playing overhead in the store)
Jes: Are they saying "Cowtipping" in this song?
Me: Haha, yeah.
Jes: That's horrendous, I'm falling asleep and all I hear is "cowtipping...cowtipping."
Me: Oh yeah, well why don't we just tip you over and see if you get back up.
Jes: [Silence]

Now, I didn't mean it maliciously, but I saw an opportunity to get her and I took it. Even Jes complimented me on the fact that I said something to which she had no retort.

This is how she retaliated:

Nice Grammar!

"Hey Ladies!" (Why do I look like a tool? Wait, don't answer that)

Now it's my turn. . .

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