Sunday, May 21, 2006

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't written an entry in almost a month. Actually the term used was "blogged," but I wasn't going to say that because it's lame. It's not that nothing is happening in my life, it is just that I have felt less than inspired to take the time to write on this thing. Inspiration finally came today.

I spent the majority of the day in Old Town Alexandria with a great group of people. However, it wasn't the time I spent with them that I cherish. It is the time I spent alone before everyone arrived.

I arrived a good two hours before anyone else arrived, mainly because I needed to get out of the house, yet still be alone. Once I got there, I took a spot on the steps to the Old Town Shops across from the cellist that is there every day. Once there, I disappeared into the world created by Michael Chabon while the cellist, the people and the cars provided the soundtrack. Even the odors and smells from the restaurants and the water seemed to find me at the right times. Granted, Old Town isn't exactly Manhattan, but it did the job. My solitary existence amongst the crowd of children, couples and ambiguously gay duos was nearly perfect. It wasn't until the railing started to dig into my back that I was forced to abandon my perch. Also, people were calling me and my perfect little world faded away.

I was actually upset that I didn't bring a journal with me because there was so much I wanted to write down that is now gone forever. All the little observations about the people as they walked past. My only memory now is the pregnant homeless lady that I gave $2 to.

Also, I'm pretty sure that John Patrick from Virginia Coalition was at Cosi in Old Town. And there I was sitting there with my VACO shirt on. It totally made me feel like a tool. I'll see them on Saturday at the Birchmere and he can make fun of me then.


  1. Look, I’m sorry my terminology isn’t up your standards, but let’s face it: the phrase is lame because what we do is lame.. lets just call a spade a spade here. Oh, and I’ll give you that two dollars back, I’m not really pregnant it’s just my gig.
    By the way, thank you. You’re amazing.

  2. natacia8:59 PM

    oh steven. i'm sorry i called you a jerk on myspace. actually, you're awesome. and i promise i'm more of a tool than you are. also, i'm glad that you enjoyed your time alone. i'm jealous, actually! it's been forever since i've had the time to sit outside on a beautiful day and read a fantastic book. you know what? you're my hero again. :)