Monday, June 05, 2006

A young girl sits by the window staring over the grassy fields. The window is cracked and has a slight amber hue. A lone tree occupies the land, gnarled with age. It has seen better days, but has also seen far worse. Perhaps it silently weeps over the lost brothers, sisters, cousins that once covered the field it now inhabits alone.

The girl stares at the tree and knows there is something out there. Something in the ground, hidden, purposefully forgotten. She spends hours, days, weeks, months staring outside. She begins to tell us a story of a young girl many years ago who had these powers. Powers none of us can understand. Due to this lack of understanding, her family was afraid of her and killed her, burying her in the back yard. She tells us that the girl still remains in the yard and that the two of them are now connected. We must uncover her.

But her powers aren't the only ones at work here. There are others trying to keep this secret hidden. As we break ground, the earth changes, making it impossible to dig. The earth shifts, moves and slides. The sun is out and snow begins to fall, blanketing the ground, yet melting at the same time. We are forced to retreat into the house. The tree stands tall amongst it all.

Once in the house, the girl and her parents go back to the room with the amber window and I find myself alone in a room with "her." When everyone is watching, "she" and I are friends, but when the eyes are turned we are much more. Alone at last, I steal a kiss, but it's different. I realize that I can no longer live like this. She tries to return the kiss, but I back away. I tell her that this charade must stop. Her eyes, green with a hint of brown, show sadness yet understanding. She leaves me alone in the room.

I go into the room with the young girl and at that moment a bright light emanates from her. The ground shakes as a beam of light shoots out of the ground and connects with the her. The snow evaporates and the earth begins to shift. The ground opens up, creating a canyon. One wall slides up, while the other slides down. We begin to see what look like hieroglyphs on the wall, but cannot be read. We can see stairs leading down the canyon.

The light is not as intense now and it begins to highlight some of the writing on the wall. Each picture glows slightly as they lead toward the stairs. We leave the house and hesitantly walk down the stairs of the canyon. As we enter everything goes black.

I wake up.

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