Saturday, August 05, 2006

I had a pretty interesting dream last night. Unfortunately it has been a good 20+ hours since that dream, so I'm going to try and remember as much as I can. Parts of the chronology aren't 100%.

The majority of the dream takes place in New York City, or so it seems. There are elements of the city, but it's not totally accurate. It appears that we are living in the city when two of our droids (huh?) get into a skirmish at a local eating establishment. It's a lot like a cafeteria with large tables everywhere. There is a law concerning the use of droids and their involvement in this altercation is an arrestable offense for their owners. They wouldn't have been able to trace them back to us, except that the droids were beheaded (that's right, they were decapitated), they sent out a signal for help. The authorities were able to use this signal to connect us to the droids.

We did what would be the obvious thing to do in that situation. Run. We packed up our stuff and took off, attempting to evade the police. We traveled along Thelonious Monk Highway (which was a road much like Broadway, in that it cut through the city) until we got to a hotel near the southern end of the road. We stayed there for a while, keeping a low profile

During this time, we met an old woman and we helped her in some way and she insisted that we come over the next day (a Saturday) so she could repay us. There was a lot of drug history in this old lady as references to hash brownies, mushrooms and pot were all part of the dream. We are never sure if she's actually serious about the references because she seems like such a sweet old lady. Most of the time we figure that she doesn't know any better.

At one point, I was walking along the city looking for a specific sushi restaurant and getting confused by the roads. A kid on a bike laughed at me as I was obviously lost. There were also taxis that shuttled people from point to point (so they really functioned more like personal busses, with specific stops and such) and the kid tried to convince me to use these instead of walking aimlessly. I was too afraid to get in the wrong taxi, so I opted to walk, eventually finding the place.

On the way back, My brother and I were walking along a cobblestone street when an attractive woman in her mid 20's starts riding her bike beside me. She has a nice tan, black shoulder length hair and is wearing a brown "fitted" t-shirt and jeans. Somehow we start talking and hit it off right away. I start debating on whether or not I should ask her out. I had just come out of a relationship that meant a lot to me and I wasn't over it yet. I still had feelings for the ex and was afraid I was jumping into something as a way to deal with that issue. I decide that I should go for it. Besides, why shouldn't I be happy? Just as I'm about to ask her out, she tells me that she wants to take me to a matinee this weekend. I tell her that I have to be at the old woman's house on Saturday, but I was free on Sunday. As she rides her bike away, I realize that I don't know her name. She tells me it is Rachael. Then it dawns on me that we have no way to contact each other. We never exchanged phone numbers, etc.

I began to think about my ex and decide to tell her I'm moving on. I'm not exactly sure why this was a big deal. It was somewhat obvious that she had moved on, since she had dumped me. However, it wasn't that easy since we both knew that feelings still existed for each other. I needed to let her know that I was going to move on, not necessarily with this new girl, but just in general. Maybe I did want to make her a little jealous, I'm not sure.

I go to find her and I find that she's in the student center and there is a large line, spanning multiple floors and going down a few staircases. These were all people in line to "court" her in some way or another. She always had captured the hearts of the people around her. I tried to squeeze my way in near the front, but the people in line would have none of that. I finally give up and as I'm leaving, I run into Lukas. A person I worked with at a previous job. I find that he's getting in line as well and we chat a bit. The strange and sad thing about this is that he is gay. He asks how I know the girl and I explain that she was my ex.

Defeated, I return home and the next day we go to the old woman's home. I was pleasantly surprised that Rachael met up with me and joined us at her house. It is a colonial style home. Blue with white columns. She had insisted that we watch a video that she was somehow a part of. I can't remember if she was in it, produced it, or whatever. We brought the video with us, but when we opened the case, it was empty. The strange thing was that it was neither a DVD or a videocasette. It was a strange looking tape, but it seemed normal to everyone else. Luckily I had a free Blockbuster coupon and we go to the store to rent another copy. The old lady tells us to rent some Indiana Jones as well.

We return and we watch the video (more drug references about her in the video) and she makes us dinner. After watching the video, she insists on making us something else. We figure it is going to be desert. However, when we go to the kitchen, she is making another full meal ("Does he know about Dinner? Supper?" - name that movie). It's a chicken cooked in a sauce with peppers and other spices. We eventually get out of there.

The next day, I am about to go to this "matinee" with Rachael (eventually I learn she is an actress) when we are discovered. This means we have to pack in a hurry and get moving. Unfortunately, the old lady did our laundry and most of our clothes were ruined. We grab what we can and start traveling down Thelonious Monk Highway again. While walking, we see the Monk Theatre, the place I assume I would've gone with Rachael.

At this point, my phone rings.

The strange thing about this dream is that there are a lot of direct parallels to my life. A lot of stuff that I am going through or recently went through is represented in this dream.

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