Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is it wrong that this makes me happy?

I've been asked why I deleted my Myspace page and there are several. Bear in mind, these reasons are specific only to me. Some people are fine with it, or at least that's what they tell themselves.

By nature, I am a very curious and inquisitive person, so having something like myspace is bad from the start. If I read a comment on a friend's page that is a response to another comment, I have to trace it back to that friend's friend and piece together the conversation.

I hate the fact that people have conversations/make plans via comments. I don't know why, but it seems about 15 steps below using instant messenger. Chances are if I want to hang out with you, you have my phone number. Use it. The concept that people expect you to check your page on a regular basis worries me.

Bulletins. I'm tired of them, but I can't seem to stop reading them. The fact of the matter is it's the same stupid survey posted over and over again. Most of this information can be learned from a good 30 minute conversation. And if I'm actually interested in reading a survey you posted, I've probably spent that quality time with you already. I don't need to be wasting my time learning who the first grade teacher of the girl I met at a party once. Also, every survey has questions related to one's sexual and relationship history. Yet no one ever actually answers them. Well, I hope you didn't answer them

It has gotten to the point that everyone is "friends" with everyone. What's the point of building a social network of people that you never actually talk to? It's for talking to people that you normally wouldn't talk to and I'm just not that social of a person.

A dear friend told me that she was afraid we would lose touch because I deleted my profile. I was shocked and hurt from that comment. Partially because of who said it, but mainly that maintaining my friendship with her was (in part) dependent on myspace. If a friendship is worth keeping (and this one is), then you do whatever it takes to make it happen. I think by keeping it "old fashioned," the friendship becomes stronger and more gratifying.

At least that is how I feel. My only regret is that I am no longer Demetri Martin's friend.

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