Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm sitting on a bench in a field near a large house with a friend. Suddenly, we notice that a large group of people are approaching, but there is something really strange about it. As they get closer, we realize that these people are actually zombies and are springing up from the ground. We also notice that the earth is physically moving, almost like a wave towards us. As the wave approaches, anyone standing in it's path is turned into a zombie. We start running from the wave as fast as possible.

As people are being turned into zombies behind us, we run into a large building for protection. One of the people we have been running with tells us that the building was built with a large wall deep into the ground and it should stop whatever is moving underground towards us. I watch as people are climbing through doors and windows into the building. We huddle inside a large open area inside the building. We feel the building move slightly as whatever is moving hits the wall. Then the entire building starts to sink. Scrambling out of the windows, we turn to watch the earth open up and swallow the building. I can see an elderly lady in a window, still wearing her nightgown as she and the building disappear.

It's decided that we need to take to the air, because that seems like the only way we are going to be safe. We make it to the air strip and there are planes in fiery heaps everywhere as other planes fight for positions on runways to take off. We do manage to take off and are able to watch the news on TV. They show footage of our town as well as the wreckage of homemade flying devices that people were using to escape as well as to witness what was going on.

Someone then climbs onto a blimp with a sniper rifle with the intention of shooting the zombies in town. As he is flying in, he shoots himself up with a drug, by injecting it into his eye. He flies through town shooting the zombies until his blimp crashes. He then climbs onto a bus that is being driven by Samuel L. Jackson and continues to snipe.

Soon afterwards, we discover that the zombies are no longer a threat to us and are pretty much contained in that town. Since they spread via the sewer system and the town's system is not connected to any other, there was no danger of it spreading. The zombies just meandered about, not harming anyone.

However, there were still people who seemingly did not trust the zombies. Someone in Army fatigues started using a mind ray hidden in his pen to control people in order to fight the zombies. We narrowly escaped the ray, but others weren't so lucky. In actuality, he really enjoyed showtunes and wanted people to dance to his choreographed numbers. We shot him.

I then run into an old friend we start to catch up. We go to a party with a bunch of people from Virginia Tech as well as Colorado and some other random places. We also discuss the price of getting season tickets to the Virginia Tech football games, but the math is too hard for us, so we eventually give up. The party is pretty out of control and we end up all falling asleep at a hotel. When we wake up, we find the room trashed. Clothes, bed spreads, towels are everywhere. The hotel manager came by and thanked us for our patronage, but we would have to keep it down the next time.

Afterwards, I was invited to my friend's house to play a very strange version of bridge with her and her mom. I ask about another friend and I was told that he was coming by later, but since it was Sunday, he was taking his Sunday bath. I thought that was gay.

Then it was time to get ready for work.

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