Sunday, January 28, 2007

I had yet another strange dream last night. I was living in a house with my current roommates as well as another "fictional" male roommate. The house was a bit larger than this one and had a second level. One of the bedrooms upstairs was an office, but not one of those home office type of offices. This was a large office very reminiscent of a newsroom, with rows of desks everywhere. I'm not sure how an entire office fit in such a small bedroom, but it did.

They frightening part of the dream was my fictional roommate was dating this girl. She was very petite and cute with dark curly hair. They were looking for some furniture for his bedroom, much like I was/am. Since it's a small town, we were competing for a lot of the same stuff on the market. One day, she was over while he was away and she starts talking to these two guys. They are flirting with her heavily and she walks with them outside. I look out the window and the guys are trying to, not force themselves on her, but they were making their intentions clear. At this point, she takes off her pants and reveals that she's not just a girl . . . she is also a boy. At this point, the guys freak out and leave pretty quickly. She comes back inside and I am at a loss for words. Dozens of questions enter my head, but I am too afraid to ask them. I am pretty sure that my roommate knows of this as well. In the end we decide to accept her for who she is.

The dream ends with me trying to get ready for work and for some reason not being able to shower. I'm watching the clock and see that I am going to be late and there is nothing I can do about it. I wake up realizing that I do not have to work today and sank back into bed.

There is also a scene in the dream where I am looking out of the upstairs window down at the street and there is an overturned tractor trailer in our driveway. I don't remember the context of this part of the dream, though.

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