Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is worse than having a hard time waking up from a nap? Dreaming that you are having a hard time waking up from a nap! I just had an epic battle with slumber while I slumbered! So, to make matters worse, after I defeated sleep in my dream, I had to defeat it again in real life.

This dream actually paralleled my life in many ways. I am walking around half blind because I cannot open my eyes, sometimes bumping into things and having conversations with people who I am not sure are real or not. I am also trying to study for a couple of upcoming quizzes (also true in real life), but I can't see my computer because my eyelids won't open. Eventually I try brushing my teeth with two toothbrushes (this is from the fact that my roommate left town with my toothpaste, so I opened another tube. Now I have two tubes open) and trying to wash my face to help wake me up. Somehow I am able to mostly miss my face with the water and only hit my chin.

I am trying to wake up so I can attend a lecture being given by Brad Pitt about how helping Tibet will make your life worth something. He is accompanied by a little African boy that he and Angelina have adopted or saved. The little boy gets up and tells us that if we help out this cause it'll help us get laid. I think the exact words were, "it'll help you hit that." If only that part really happened in this world.

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