Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another dream entry:

In the hallways of one of our academic buildings lies a series of scores that students can post. At the very end of the hallway, there was a large scoreboard with what was considered the ultimate test. A young lady was a bit unnerved that no female was on the list so she set about to get her name on there. She started the first test, where the best possible answer was 4 and every number above that was a lower score. Unfortunately, what the test consisted of was using a shotgun to get a direct hit on an armed assailant 4 times (hence, the best possible score being 4).

The next thing I knew, the girl decided to not take part in this test, however the assailant (who looked much like the Terminator) was still coming. Somehow, the shotgun ended up in my hands and I took on the challenge of running up and down the hallways and hiding behind various walls, shelves, stairways trading shotgun blasts with him. Very early on, I decided to not worry about getting a top score and focused instead on staying alive. Eventually, I guess I passed the test and was asked if I wanted to continue to the next challenge. I declined, citing that it was time for the next class.

I stopped by the bathroom only to find that the number of stalls did not coincide with the number of toilets. This caused the toilets to not be centered in each stall, but increasingly skewed to one side. Eventually, some of the toilets were halfway between two stalls.

The next class seemed to lack a lot of structure as there was a lot of talking, smoking, music and movies happening all at once. However, this didn't stop us from paying attention to what was going on. Afterward we gathered outside of the building and were talking about life, the movies and whatever else came to mind. Natacia was there and was crying over some of the movies she had watched. A short while later, the professor comes out with a list of the movies. He had allowed that the students could sign up for one to keep at the end of class. Natacia had chosen "Moulan Rouge." There was also a strange muppets movie that Holt had signed up for, but she was nowhere to be found. We were surprised to find out that she was in the class.

Since today was the first somewhat warm and sunny day of the year, I walked across campus looking for a place to read. I decided that I would go over to the residential side, since I had not been there in many years. I walked into my old dorm building and walked through the new addition. I passed the mail room and found myself in the basement where a new parlor shop now existed. The young amiable girl behind the counter and I started talking and in the end, she convinced me to buy an ice cream sundae with a brownie. As I sat down at a table to eat the sundae, I was watching whatever was on the TV. It was an abnormally small room, so I found it surprising that it had two televisions.

While there, I started to think about random stuff and eventually about true love. I thought about what constituted love, the flaws in each other's character and our acceptance of them. Eventually I came to realize that I was in love with someone and I needed to tell her right away. I was in love with Dr. Elliot Reid (from "Scrubs"). As I was getting up to tell her, Turk and Carla come in to tell me that Elliot was in an accident and was in the hospital. For some reason, I decide that it is faster to go through the back rooms, wading through and climbing over the boxes in the mail room and finally outside through the window of the bathroom. I guess all paths to true love, no matter how trivial or absurd, have obstacles that must be overcome.

I rush to the bedside of Elliot and hand her a crumpled envelope. In it contained all of my flaws and I told her that I was in love with her and that she couldn't leave me. I told her that I could accept her flaws and asked if she could accept mine. I knelt down beside her, held her hand and started to cry. She looked at me and smiled and said she wasn't going anywhere. She had merely fallen down and that she'll be alright. We looked at each other through our saline distorted world and smiled.

I then woke up and couldn't help but feel like a chump. Since when did I long for Elliot Reid when everyone knows that Pam Beesly is my TV comedy siren.

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