Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I consistently come across amazing photographs in various forms. The thing that I am most interested in is not the technical aspects (shutter speed, aperture, etc.), but where the photographer was when he or she took that picture. I like to think about the position the photographer had to put his or herself in to get that angle. Were they hanging off of something, crouched underneath or laying on their backs looking up?

The other thing intrigues me are these candid shots of people that I see. How exactly does one take a candid shot without shoving a camera in the subject's face, essentially "creeping them out?" How can one keep the shot candid if the subject knows you are there? That is probably the one thing that prevents me from taking what are some potentially wonderful photographs. As a very private person, it is hard for me to want to invade another person's space. I can frame these up in my mind, but I am too hesitant to take the shot.

I guess that is what separates me from the good (or even the mediocre) photographers.

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