Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recently, I had made the decision that I am against the concept of "best friends," at least for me personally. I've seen best friends work for other people, but for me they never seem to. That is not to say that I was against having good friends or even extremely close friends. It was just that I no longer talked to those I had once considered my "best friend." I guess I was just getting tired of this let down.

However, it seems that fate never lost her sense of humour as two of these people just re-entered my life. Tonight I talked to a dear friend that I hadn't talked to in about three years. I think it was good for my soul, as I've been longing to release all of these pent up emotions inside me. The verdict is still out on the idea of a "best friend," but my view on the world is slightly less cynical now.

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  1. A lot can change in a year. Miss you. :)