Friday, April 27, 2007

My friend is evil:

Yvonne: i read the outline of "On The Road" online and i basically didn't like it at all...not even enough to actually finish reading it...and the ending? Why did it have to have such a weird ending. Seriously, why do you and Natacia like it so much???

Steven: you cliff notes'd it?

Yvonne: i did

Steven: what the hell?

Yvonne: wow.

Steven: you don't cliff notes on the road!

Yvonne: Ive cliffed notes stuf before

Yvonne: I cliffed notes Count of Monte Cristo!

Steven: but not on the road!

Yvonne: the count of monte cristo is like my favourite book!

Yvonne: I read it after I read the cliff ntoes

Steven: im sad.

Yvonne: well, maybe I'll like invisible cities more.

Steven: i think you will

Yvonne: i certainly hope so!

Yvonne: I need to read something good after that

Steven: . . .

Yvonne: *hugs*

Yvonne: wow, that was painful.

Yvonne: I am never going to lie to you ever again.

Steven: now i'm confused.

Yvonne: i didnt read the outline online/

Yvonne: nor have i ever read *any* type of cliff notes for *ANYTHING*

Yvonne: and I don't hate on the road *at all*..only because I really love it

Steven: you were treading on thin ice.

Yvonne: I think you actually pushed me, there/

Steven: what??

Yvonne: pushed me into the freezing water

Yvonne: the thin ice had nothing to do with it/

Steven: i did not

Yvonne: Steven: what the hell?

Yvonne: -Push

Yvonne: Steven: you don't cliff notes on the road!

Steven: i disagree.

Steven: that was a valid response!

Yvonne: and a push

Steven: are evil.

Yvonne: i wanted to see how little faith you had in me.

Steven: um . . . I had faith that you wouldn't LIE TO ME LIKE THAT!

Yvonne: i am crakcing up so hard

Yvonne: i got you good though

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  1. natacia2:41 PM

    yes. evil's new name is "yvonne."