Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is a Hokie?

I embrace Virginia Tech because it earned everything it has received. Nothing was handed on a silver platter. The Hokie Nation is a nation of stubbornness, determination and tenacity. We are overachievers who do not know when to quit. We understand the importance of rigor and hard work. We will do what we are told we cannot, not to prove you wrong, but because deep in our hearts, we know we can.

The University has overcome many obstacles to stretch and grow into the sprawling campus that now resides in Blacksburg, VA. However, the events that occurred on Monday morning will be the largest obstacle any this University has ever encountered. Despite the horrific tragedy that took the lives of so many of our brightest, there are reasons to be proud:

I am proud that we have embraced each other as brothers and sisters, carrying one another through this.

I am proud of the students/faculty/staff who risked and gave their lives to protect others.

I am proud of the support that our student body gave Dr. Steger while he was faced with the difficult task of sorting through this while being attacked by the media and others.

I am proud of Dr. Steger and Chief Flinchum and their ability to keep their composure and dignity in the face of such adversity.

I am proud of the students who brought coffee out to the officers working overnight at the crime scene.

I am proud of those who have taken "Ut Prosim" to heart and continually serve each other in ways that none of us will ever know about.

No longer will people come to us and ask, "What is a 'hokie?'" They now know.

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