Monday, May 28, 2007

I get word that my new leasing company/landlord is going through some sort of liquidation. I'm not sure what that means for the house I'm supposed to rent next semester, so I decide to go check it out. My mom ends up giving me a ride out to the property, which ends up as a little bit of an adventure because she is a bit drunk.

On the way to the house, I stop by my friend Caroline's house, who apparently is to be one of my roommates. I notice that they look like they made 8 or so cakes from all the cake pans in the sink. While I'm waiting for her, I look at some of her artwork, which includes a few self portraits. One of the portraits is her head with different adjectives coming out of her hair. I tell Caroline of what was going on and she gets concerned, but I tell her not to worry.

My brother go on to check out the property and everything seems to be in order for the most part. Afterwards, we are walking back past my old townhouse so I go and check it out. The subdivision has been renovated and the house numbers have been changed. I think about taking the old house number, however the new tenants are jerks.

As we're walking out, my brother is talking to his friends and is jokingly throwing around racial slurs. A group of 3 guys overhears it and approaches him. My brother says, "chill nigga, you know we coo." At this point I think we are going to die. So I grab him and start pushing him across the street while the 3 guys are following. I tell them that he didn't mean anything by it and I give the lead guy what is left of my 40. I'm not sure which is worse, my brother using a racial slur or me thinking that I can smooth things over by giving them a 40. On top of that, where did the 40 come from?

It appears that we're going to be OK, but then I notice that they are still following us, so I push my brother and his friend into a building. It's one of those buildings with an intercom system where you have to be buzzed in, so we think we're at least sort of safe. I hear them banging on the door, so we start going up the stairs. This provides to be a challenge because my brother is showing no sense of urgency.

We get to the top floor when we hear the entrance give way. We go through the double doors of the stair well and I immediately look for something I can wedge into the door to "lock" it. by the time I find something, they are already coming through the doors. My brother and his friend jump in an elevator. I hold them at bay while they make their escape.

Eventually, I lose them and I go to an elevator, however none of them work. Somehow the 3 guys got control of the elevators so I was trapped. I didn't realize that 3 guys from the ghetto could take over and control an entire elevator system.

Being without a weapon at the time, I pull a pipe out of the wall to use as a club. I go into a room and am met by one of the three guys. However, I can't strike him with my pipe because he is wearing a jar full of urine on his head. I just can't allow that to break and spill everywhere (dream logic is awesome).

Somehow I am able to escape him and I eventually get out of the building and find my way home. During the fight, some extensive damage occurred at the new house (when and how is a mystery) so I tell my dad what needs to be replaced. He is not happy with us.

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