Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I had another dream about losing my teeth again. This time it was just one tooth, the upper molar on the right side of my mouth. The second to last tooth. It was loose and it just eventually fell out. When I examined it, I discovered that it was "reinforced" with some metal.

I tried to stick it back in, and though it fit, it didn't stay put so I had to pull it out again. I set it down on the table and asked the receptionist if there were any phone books around. She was attractive with long dark hair and a simple black dress. This was not the kind of first impression I wanted to make. She pointed me to a display that had all the phone books on them.

I found the one for our area and began searching for a dentist. Unfortunately, it was 5:40 and most dentists offices were closed, The receptionist was busy packing her things together. As she walked out of my dream life and into my dream memories, I desperately searched for a dentist that was near and still open. As I was searching, I asked an elderly couple at the next table if there was one in this building or nearby. They told me that the Jazz club moved next door. I wasn't sure what they were talking about.

I finally find one and think to myself that I should keep the tooth in a cup of milk or something. I decide to get a cup of milk on my way out. As I go to get my jacket, someone accidentally brushes across the table my tooth is resting on and knocks it off. The brittle tooth falls to the floor and breaks apart on impact. . .

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