Friday, June 01, 2007

I finally get up the courage to tell her how I feel and why I am angry. I go into a room and close all the shades, lest I be distracted. I call her and giver her a chance to speak first and tell me why she stopped talking to me, just in case she has anything to say. She declines and asks me to state why I am upset. I tell her that I know she's not just smoking cigarettes (something she already knows I'm against), but that's not the real reason I am upset with her. I'm more upset that she has blown me off for the last 4 months at a time when I really needed a friend. I tell her that she was the best friend I ever had and to lose that caused more pain than I was ready to endure. The word I so eloquently used was "sucked."

I ask her why she did this and she never responds. The phone is silent. Eventually the phone cuts off, so I call back just in case it was a dropped call. Still no answer. Strangely, I am barraged by a bunch of calls (including from my brother's ex) and I ignore all of these and forward them to voice mail as I try and call her back. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I drive to the house she is staying at.

I park my truck on the street and walk in. Although the building is a house, it functions more as a community center/residence hall. I walk in and she's sitting at a table, reading her e-mail. Her sister is at a nearby table on another computer. Her sister asks her when she's going to West Virginia to see that movie. She says that she's going with "AI" and invites her sister to join her. Her sister declines, saying that she had plans with a boy already.

I sit down on a bench behind her and watch as she logs out of a gmail account for "daveylopez." I dial her number and her phone starts ringing in her bag. She turns around to reach for it when she sees me. She pulls the phone out and checks it before returning it to her bag.

I ask her what the hell was going and and why she refuses to answer me. I did exactly as she asked and told her why I was upset and she still refuses to tell me. She responds with, "no you didn't, you only told me what you thought I wanted to hear." By this time I am livid and am pacing and yelling at her. She just continues to ignore me and leaves the room.

I know that she has been purchasing things online, so I grab one of these items, a bag/basket made of recycled bottle caps similar to this one. I decide I am going to destroy it and leave it on her truck. I walk outside in search of her truck, tearing it apart as I walk. After walking up and down the street and not seeing it, I see a parking lot behind the building and walk towards it. As I walk towards the lot, I see a truck that looks to be hers. As I approach it, I see her come out of the house with a group of people. She is wearing a tight white shirt and a plaid calf length skirt (something I would never see her actually wear). I start throwing parts of "bag" at her, but she never notices me. She just keeps smiling and gets in the truck with people I would describe as "tools" if I actually met them.

I go back inside, furious and insulted, looking for something else to take of hers. I grab a few items and stuff them in my bag. She returns a little while later and notices that some of her things are gone. She accuses me of taking them, but I deny any involvement. One of her friends asks her who I was and what I had to do with her. She tells her, "don't worry about him, he's nobody."

However, she is particularly upset that one of her items was missing. Apparently, she had purchased a "green fairy." I leave as she is looking for it. When I get to a safe distance, I go into a bank to rest. The entire building is run down is being habitated by homeless people. I find an open table and set my bag down on it. I open it up and pull out a folded paper towel that I had taken from her. When I unfold it, a small green and white block is in the center. This is a fairy in "hibernation." It will awake once you add water to her.

The rest of the dream is foggy and less coherent (including a reference to Transformers).

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