Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're on the road, in a small sedan heading nowhere in particular. I'm with my friend Carly and we pass the time telling each other jokes and various other humorous anecdotes. The open window whips her hair around, creating a reddish cloud around her head.

We pull over to get some supplies for the road, but first we take out a bowl. I had never smoked before and I was a bit apprehensive at first, but she was there and it helped me relax. It was smoother than I would have expected it, but I was focusing on not coughing up the smoke.

We go into the store and buy seltzer water. I'm not sure what this is for, but Carly assures me that it's all we need. I resist the urge to spray her with it. It is some very fancy seltzer water as it costs $10 for the bottle. However, the lady tells me that she'll only charge me $5. I give her a $10 anyway and she gives me about $100 in change. I cannot get the wad of money to go neatly into my wallet.

We drive further down until we arrive at this large field. There are many cars already there. We park the car and start heading towards the people. The field is dissected by a long chain link fence and the other side is populated by Russians, very dangerous Russians. There is a path that runs alongside the fence and as long as you stay on this path to get to the area people are congregating, you are fine. The moral of the story is to not leave the path.

As we walk along the path, we noticed a portion of it is blocked off by a large white moving truck. It had backed itself up to the fence to unload something. We realize that we will have to go around the truck. We make it around fine, however when we reach the other side, I realize that I forgot my bowl and am dreading going back. However, Carly points out that she had tucked it into my sock. Thanks friend.

We meet our friends who are having a hard time getting rid of a guy who is hitting on someone in our group. After a while, we decide to ditch the guy and we take our party back to the cars. Along the way, we are stopped by a large Russian man who begins to question us. He is obviously wealthy from the suit he is wearing. However I can tell that he just came into money because he doesn't have it properly tailored. Upon closer inspection, I realize that his jacket is actually inside out. I whisper this to Carly and she giggles quietly.

It turns out that the man is very proud of his inside out jacket and tells us that he sometimes wears his pants the same way. His entire suit is also tearaway, so he rips it off to reveal another suit beneath it, this time with one pant leg inside out. I'm not sure how he pulled that off, but he did. In the end, we become friends with the man and eventually bid him farewell as we head back to the cars.

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