Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thank You Sarah:

dear steven black,
i assume you have heard of the recent movie about my life that was released on DVD this past tuesday. it is titled "knocked up," and it chronicles the period of my life when i became--'knocked up,' if you will--by a complete stranger. whether or not they say it in the movie, this happened at radford university. i am unashamed and hope to get 'knocked up' again soon, as my first 'mistake' is already walking and talking and i miss the time when the kid would stay in one place when i left the room. i have yet to see the movie (why should i? it's about MY life--i was there), but i plan to see it soon, just to make sure they kept the details accurate. i hope you have the time to see it if you haven't already.
promiscuously yours,

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